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Megan A. Bamford, D. V. M. Dr. Bamford received her degree in veterinary medicine from Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 1990. Since graduation she has IMG_0001_2 been an associate in several small animal practices and animal emergency facilities in the Los Angeles area. She also has many equine Homeopathic and Chiropractic clients. In April of 2000 Dr. Bamford opened her own practice and moved that practice to Shadow Hills in October of 2000. She practices Homeopathy and Chiropractic as well as wellness medicine, offering counseling in nutrition, supplementation, emotional control, and behavior management.Her interest in alternative medicine preceded her entrance into the college of Veterinary Medicine. However, little alternative medicine is offered in the curriculum. Frustrated by the limitations of traditional medicine to treat or cure many conditions seen every day in her practice – chronic skin, eye, and ear conditions; arthritis; inflammatory bowel disease, nervous and seizure disorders; and emotional and behavior problems—she embraced Veterinary Homeopathy.In 1997 she completed the Veterinary course in Classical Homeopathy offered by Dr. Richard Pitcairn. This yearlong course is required for accreditation in the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy. In 1998 she completed the first advanced course in Veterinary Homeopathy, again offered by Dr. Pitcairn. Dr. Bamford also completed the course work for accreditation by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association in March 2001.

 Andrea Nannini is our new office manager. She prefers to be called Drea. Her pup Stella will be the new office receptionist.  They will be your first contact with our office, returning your calls, interfacing with Dr. Bamford to answer your questions and schedule appointments.

Pet Dental Services (PDS) provide anesthesia free dental cleaning for dogs and cats in licensed veterinary facilities throughout the country.  A PDS technician comes to our clinic two Wednesdays each month to provide these services for our clients.  We and PDS require that the patient is screened by Dr. Bamford (or they must have been seen by her within the last year).  this assures that the non-anesthetic procedure is appropriate for your pet.

Dr. Megan Bamford
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