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As you are probably already aware, Red Rowan is not the usual veterinary practice. Our focus is holistic – treating the whole animal rather than the disease. Dr. Bamford practices veterinary homeopathy, veterinary chiropractic, and preventative medicine. We offer acupuncture and physical therapy, as well as consultation in emotional control, behavior modification, nutrition and supplementation. We can do most of the laboratory tests necessary to support diagnosis and preventative procedures. But radiographic (x-ray) and ultrasound diagnostics, surgery, and hospitalization are referred to other veterinary clinics equipped to perform those tasks. We offer non-anesthetic dental care one day each month. But provide referrals for more serious dental surgery, boarding, and grooming.

Many clients have found us because over-vaccination and the use of steroids or other chemicals to treat disease concern them. It is Dr. Bamford’s conviction that homeopathy can be used in many cases to treat the same broad range of conditions that are treated with conventional drugs. She also feels that the Holistic or Alternative approach to veterinary medicine offers more treatment choices which in many cases are more effective, less traumatic, and have fewer side effects (if any) than allopathic medicine. Dr. Bamford and her staff provide these services.

We try to provide our clients with the latest information on vaccination, nutrition, and supportive treatment protocols. We adhere to these practices, but provide alternatives to meet the needs of the individual client in terms of what is practical for his or her companion.

Some clients have found us because conventional - Allopathic - veterinary medicine has left them without hope. In this practice we are often faced with very serious cases. Many animals respond dramatically to the change in treatment. Sometimes, however, the disease process is too advanced for reversal even using homeopathy. Then we work with you and your animal companion to assure the highest quality of life for the longest time possible; and we assist in preparing you both for a gentle end.

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